Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality benefits and services to members of the Monterey County Hospitality Association, their employees, and their families.

We offer dental, vision, health, life insurance, and more to thousands of hospitality workers on the Central Coast. The Trust is the result of years of dedicated work by several different groups that came together to offer a better health care solution for our community.

Our Services

Independent Brokerage Services

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Customer Care and Educational Services

Custom Comparative Analysis Tools

Healthcare Reform

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Our Team

Chris Campisi

Chris Campisi has a long history of giving back to the community. He is a trustee for the Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation and a board member for Easter Seals Central California. Additionally, he supports the development of non-profits that fosters active partnerships between local educational institutions and the local business community that are services by his firm. The goal is to develop career opportunities and diversity for young men and women in our community.

In mid-2016, Chris Campisi was again looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Synergizing his career and his passions were a logical next step; consequently, he began evaluating health insurance rates on the Monterey Peninsula. Upon comparing our rates to rates in other areas he realized that Monterey and the surrounding cities were unbalanced. Chris set out to find the cause and to right this wrong. He later discovered an amazing lack of competition within the Monterey Peninsula health insurance markets and the majority of businesses providing insurance to their workforce were small businesses with less than a hundred employees. Subsequently, he approached the Monterey County Hospitality Association with his desire to help them establish a Voluntary Employee Benefits Association Trust to allow small businesses to leverage the size of the MCHA membership to purchase employee health insurance as a large group.

James Palaniuk

Account Manager and Customer Relationship Specialist

James returns to the Monterey Hospitality Benefits Group after time in the TPA field. James has experience in the field and understands the ins and outs of the company and the insurance field. James’ main responsibilities revolve around the customer. He is the main point of contact for any issues that arise with our accounts. He works with new customers on the enrollment process, making sure things run smoothly. James is also the point for our renewal process.

James is a Monterey County native. He attended the York School, and then moved on to Cal State University Monterey Bay, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He has worked with Chris Campisi for six years. James has an appreciation for Monterey County that is only understood by people who have been a part of the community for a long time.

Aaron Walls

Sales Support Manager

As the Sales Support Manager, Aaron has several duties. One is rate comparison and data analytics. Rate comparison entails analyzing the insurance plans’ data and helping a client to determine what plans are the best fit for them. Aaron synthesizes data from multiple sources and uses a built-in-house comparative analysis tool to compare a client’s current and future rates to market and trust rates. Aaron also handles working with clients who contact the Monterey Hospitality Benefits Group with interest in our offerings. Aaron works with potential clients to understand their health insurance needs and provide them solutions that fit their company.

Aaron was born and raised in Monterey County. He attended the York School for his secondary education. He went on to Santa Clara University where he studied Economics and Philosophy. After working for a few years in consulting in the Silicon Valley, Aaron decided to return home. Aaron believes in using data and technology to help benefit the community and is excited about what the Trust can do for our community.

Charles Ledbetter

Digital Media and Marketing Manager

The Monterey Hospitality Benefits Group is excited to utilize Charles’ experience in digital media. Charles has a number of responsibilities within the company. His main one is to plan and execute all digital marketing, database, email, social media and display advertising campaigns. Charles also oversees the designing, building and maintaining our social media presence. He brainstorms new and creative growth strategies. He works to create pages that optimize the user experience. He also collaborates with vendor partners and lends leadership and perspective when appropriate.

Charles has been living in Monterey County for ten years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, with nine years of experience in a long-term care environment. Before that, Charles was in the United States Navy for eight years, where he was a Mass Communications Specialist. He created content and multimedia projects and designed publications for various communication channels.

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