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The Monterey County Hospitality Association Health and Welfare Trust is an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) compliant trust fund and is considered a bona fide Trust by the department of labor. The plan is both Federally and State qualified for exemption. The benefit plans are available throughout the State of California.

The trust unites MCHA members in a single buying pool for health and ancillary benefits. The buying power of the MCHA group allows your company to access high-quality healthcare benefits at more competitive rates. The MCHAHWT offers competitive cost by sharing the cost of claims among the Trust’s large population, reducing the impact that claims have on an individual employer’s renewal rate.

MCHAHWT is a new benefit to MCHA members and will assist with reducing and controlling rising healthcare cost for your business. You are not required to wait for your current plan renewal date to participate.


  • A variety of PPO and HSA plan options 
  • Increased purchasing power with a group of over 2000+ employees
  • Simplified government compliance
  • Composite rates- no age band rating
  • Provided by the Trust to MCHA members with 3 or more employees
  • Accepted by the leading local healthcare professionals and facilities
  • Available to employees throughout CA

Administrative Services

  • Individual eligibility determination
  • Enrollment coordination
  • Billing
  • Premium and COBRA administration
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSO) administration
  • State and federal compliance
  • Legal liaison for regulatory issues

Health Plan Options

  • Medical Plans (PPO)
  • HSA-Compatible plans
  • Dental, Vision, and LTD plans
  • Wellness Programs
  • Life and AD&D through United Healthcare
  • Additional voluntary plans (Cancer, Disability, Supplemental Life, Accident)

Hospitality is the driving force for our economy in Monterey County, and our employees are the soul of the industry. MCHA is bringing these valuable benefits to help you retain and attract the workers that make the Monterey County second to none!

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Eligibility Requirements

Your business is eligible to participate in the Monterey County Hospitality Association Health and Welfare Trust if you are a member of the Monterey County Hospitality Association in good standing.

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The MCHA Health and Welfare Trust was created to bring high quality, affordable health and welfare benefits to the Monterey County.

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