What this means for Employers:

The Monterey County Hospitality Association Health and Welfare Trust is an ERISA and a VEBA compliant trust fund and is considered a bona fide Trust by the Department of Labor. The plan has both a Federally and State exemption. The benefit plans are available throughout the State of California. This Trust unites MCHA members in a single buying pool for health and ancillary benefits. The buying power of the MCHA group allows your company to access high-quality healthcare benefits at more competitive rates. The Trust offers competitive costs by sharing the cost of claims among the trust’s large population, reducing the impact that claims have on an individual employer’s renewal rate. The Trust is a new benefit to MCHA members, and will assist with reducing and controlling rising healthcare costs for your business.You are not required to wait for your current plan renewal date to participate.
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What this means for Employees:

The Monterey County Hospitality Association Health and Welfare Trust offers you more options, at lower premiums. By pooling the insurance group together with others in the hospitality business in Monterey County, this gives the Trust the same awareness with the insurers as large companies now enjoy.

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We are currently offering town hall meetings and also are setting up brief 15 minute overview meetings to get you acquainted with the Trust’s offerings. Check out our calendar or schedule an appointment today.
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